Saturday, April 30, 2016


The songs that were left for me
Drowned me
I couldn't believe
That I was there
I was seen by you

Today is different
I swallowed
Not with belief
But with unknown
False crowns


They say
They cry
They have no desire
If you tell the truth
Or lie

Send me your sinners
I ask for your patriarchs
Your matriarchs
Those who 
Pay and allow to be monarchs

I cry

For my my absolution
Is gone 
My crying crowns
Has left me
To tell the truth 
To tell the lies
No matter
I've drown

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Own Skin

My head is burning through the clouds
It smells like tumble weeds and faintly crowds
I miss the day that I could have met you
You tried to know the truth but I just... wouldn't let you

I wish I could have saved your soul
I wish I could have saved the world
I knew what was happeinging then
But I just saved... by own skin

With a turn to my left shoulder
I saw a sun that shouldn't be there
I hung my head and prayed
To some unknown soldier
To please, let me live

I don't deserve to live
I don't have faith to die
I need that something
I have always tried to hide

In the Sand

Cross cutting dunes
And feet
And flops
And drops
Ice and cubes
A spilled water
Or two
Recorded in the sand

A dropped tear in the sand

Leaving a lonely hole
Quickly gone
The feet
And flops
Having walked over
Any spilled water
Or teardrops
No longer even in the sand

That funny thing about sand

It hides your tears and fears and worry
No one can see you sweat
No one can track you fury
It's hidden in the sand

Fly By Night

Fly By Night

You can dive with the
The Dragonflies

You can swim with the
The Fireflies

You can dip with the
Of the Butterflies

You can swoon with the
The Alibis
Your days have left me
But not Scared

With the darkness
But Prepared

Your love is not something
That needs to be

I loved you
With a longing

You can dive with the
The Dragonflies

You can swim with the
The Fireflies

You can dip with the
Of the Butterflies

You can swoon with the
The Alibis


Bazooka Jack

Welcome to the world

A job
A cracker jack in a box

Those who look for the funny
Those who sit for the money

Welcome to the world

You're a person looking

Shaking the box 
to see
A prize that's meant to be

Gum Gum
Gum begets gum

Bazooka Joe
A prize up for the money
Hard chews set up for the money 

No one can Bazooka that
No one can Cracker Jack that

You try to find the why but you see
There's no crack and jack now

Monday, April 18, 2016


My light has gone
There's nothing left
I try
I'm always the joke

Who cares how you feel
They make you a joke anyway
Who cares  how you feel
You always make a joke anyway

I tried to 
Be what I couldn't be
But I thought I could
There's no reason
To even try

I tried to be a someone
But there's no hope in that
I tried to be a no one
But that too fell flat

Friday, April 15, 2016

Old Foe

Ah my old foe
I see you've returned
I knew that one day
You'd reappear
From nowhere
And make your way here

You never quite left
Your presence still hung
Like a specter
Who needs to
Return to
The place that it knew

Did I welcome you in
Did I leave the door open
Were you somehow invited
By a simple sigh, unspoken

A gesture perhaps
That gave you a sign
Just waiting for the moment
To re-invade my mind

Do I think too much
Is it simple to see
Am I the specter
That continues to reappear
From nowhere
Making my way here

So it seems now
Why was I so blind
My ghost is my penance
Of my own making
My soul taking
Sanity breaking

My old foe

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I float
Gazing at the night
Feeling the drift
And waves

Porcelain walls
Beautiful stars
With careful ridges
Lovely edges
Smooth curve

Beautiful petals
Like ink
Of warm

Head bowed
Beautiful fingers
Of pink
And lovely
Tiny petals

Of sagging

Friday, April 8, 2016


I woke up with sand in my eye
Funny how it feels
Like a silly tear in my eye
Formed by sadness and despair
By nightmares
By careless
Whispers in the dark

That side of the bed is cold
Still warmer than it had been
While you were here
Impersonating a soul
Your poetic mournful cry
For regrets
Because it made you feel alive

But that silly sand in your eye
Was just enough
To look like a truthful tear in your eye
Feigning sadness and despair
You spoke of Kerouac and Poe
Your perfect soul men
And you.  Masquerading as a mime


Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I said goodbye to him
He said
"it's not you, it's me
I am unable to love, 
Believe me.

I would if I could
You’d be perfect for me
This isn't a made up moment
I swear"

"I'm not for you, you deserve so much
I would only hold you back
It's not you, it's me
With deepest sincerity"

He silently told me
To leave him the fuck alone
Pretty pretty please.

He hung his head in mocking sorrow
Which hurt more than his words
A drooping figure
Who acts the part
Like a man shot through the heart
A man who pretends to have a heart

What a wicked way to pretend
He mastered a wicked way to pretend

Dipping his poison pen in a well
He somehow managed to feel and tell
Overcoming his grief that almost did him in
He managed to find a way to begin

With a story that "hurt" his soul to the end
A story that was all pretend

He received all the accolades one can get 
In a place that isn't worth its place in sweat
He reveled in his holy tomb
A place of self-importance
A sorcerer's room

What a wicked wicked way to pretend
When a forger writes of regrets
What a wicked wicked way to be 
When hubris and shame have not yet met