Sunday, March 30, 2014



With cautious whispers
The branches graze the wind
Silently urging the tree 

With limbs quivering
The springtime arrives
Bringing forth its buds

With warmth showing itself
The whole begins to wake
The anticipation of a day

With sunshine glowing
The tree is alive
The fullness of new bloom


I find myself staring at the wall
The blankness
The beigness of it all.

My heart disappears in to a colorless hue
Dripping hours
Confined to a fleeting moment with you.

I am not whole, nor am I broken
A cracking teapot
Emitting her silver steam unspoken.

I have no lexicon to decipher your words
They are foreign
Their meaning is blue and hazy. Illegibly blurred.

I will not surrender; I know not how to stand
Alive in the corner
Grasping at air, reaching for your pink hand.

I swim in the porridge of sadness and elation
Pulling me down
Yet lifting me up to a bouquet.  A standing ovation.

I find myself staring at the wall
The blankness
The beigness of it all.

Sunday, March 9, 2014



I'll never be that girl,
That makes the men fall upon their knees.
I'll never be that lady
Where the gent is begging "please".

I'll never look down upon
The skewered men in dust
Who fell upon their blade
Who gladly did so for love and lust.

I'll never be that woman who 
Sends men away
The lady in high waiting 
Who still cries today

I'll never be the one
That you want to hold real tight
I'll cling so hard, you'll lose yourself
And you'll still go on, into the night.