Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fool's Gold

I’m plasticized wood
A grinning wolf in a hood
Waiting at Lil Red’s door

I’m a snake oil salesman
A good luck talisman
I’ll give you some, you’ll still want more

I’m fool's gold and ivory soap
A maker of horoscopes
Taking what I can get

I’m a preacher and savior
I won’t judge your behavior
As long as my needs are always met

I work at the carnival
No sweat. I’ve seen it all
Seeing the people take their ride

I stand in the shadows
With the broken down scarecrows
I’ve watched you walk, I’ll make you stride

I’m a ghost from your nightmare
A smile from your worst scare
A shining light that lies in the dark

I’m plasticized wood
A grinning wolf in a hood
I’ll give you some, you’ll still want more

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Wonder

I often wonder
You, the man who stings
If you were to have a daughter
Would that somehow change some things?

Would that awaken in you
Memories when you did great harm
Would you feel a painful shudder
As she nestles in your arm?

Would you recognize your actions
Understand your guilt
Would you promise to try harder
Tearing down what you have built?

Would you own up to your transgressions
Try and be a better man
Would you take the steps you need
To fix what you still can?

And so I’m left to wonder
You, the man who stung
Now that you have a daughter
Have the changes at last begun?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Step Out

Step out in to the world and breathe its clean air
Take pains not to worry, take trouble not to care
Hold tight to your conscience and hold fast to your dreams
Be careful to remember, nothing’s as it seems

You’ve kept yourself in, locked and hidden away
Determined to remain and shielded from the day
You’ve remembered your grievances, yet forgotten your sins
Keeping score in your mind of all your losses and wins

Like trying to swim
Like saying goodbye
It’s time to stand up
And learn how to fly

How long do you plan, to continue on this way?
Days, months and years?  Who really can say?
So you haven’t been hurt, and that’s your desire
Living your life, like a bird on a wire

Rise up to the challenge, take life by the reins
Grab hold of the moment, let go of the pain
Learn from your past and guard yourself well
Everyone out there has a story to tell

Like trying to swim
Like saying goodbye
It’s time to stand up
And learn how to fly

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Without a rudder.  Without an oar
Without the moon to lead me to shore
Drifting in circles.  Drifting in waves
Peddling fiercely to get out of the maze

Stuck in the darkness.  Stuck in the night
Stuck without sunshine even in light
Standing on quicksand.  Sinking in fast
Inventing a hope that surely can’t last

Waving for rescue.  Waving for release
Waving for something to provide me some peace
Taking on water.  Breathing in sand
Grasping for help from an invisible hand

Realizing too clearly. Realizing too well
Realizing one doesn't hear what one doesn't yell
Standing alone.  Standing compliant
Left in my own solitary confinement