Friday, July 18, 2014


You hold my head down
In the blackness of midnight water
Following blindly
Like an innocent lamb to slaughter

You shake off my arms
That grasp at your cold and wooden frame
You see not the glow
The dying of the lover’s red flame

The unseeing eye
Blurred; swirled in its hazel green hue
Sees only darkness
The light of love cannot make it through

Taking on water
The gift; the pure void filling my lungs
Below I remain
Love given, love rejected, love plunged

Sunday, July 13, 2014


My heart was broken in various forms
I can show you all the times
I picked up the pieces
I didn't mind
The flats and the naturals
I only minded
The cuts and the sharps
The broken rhymes

Monday, July 7, 2014


Meeting in a land of darkness
A land of unrelenting cold
We held each other’s icy hands
Hoping we weren't forced to fold

Searching for a word in silence
Something to hang a thread on to
The tears fell ever more frequent
The constant feeling of black and blue

Slowly the pain became a mold
Always present but stored away
In times a mask was needed
A faked smile put on display

We carried on in the graying dawn
The one’s feelings growing stronger
The other’s heart remained untouched
As if he could love no longer

We wrote of other love in poems
Our souls bleeding with open wounds
We wrote of fear and of heartache
One love’s stifled in a false cocoon

We visited far off places
From our memories to Shanghai
We spoke of uncertain futures
But never of saying goodbye

So now one sits in the silence
With the deafening sound of air
She carries on throughout her day
Given only to despair

One day the darkness shall lift again
And with it, life’s full delights
Until then she sits heartbroken
Allergic to love and light.