Sunday, September 28, 2014


I cannot seem to find a place
In which I can belong
I cannot seem to escape this maze
A repeating loop of a mournful song

I search for the light
   An embered coal appears
    Emitting its pitch black pulse
     It’s glow is soft
      Like a fiery opal
       Yet it’s warming heat
        Implores you not to touch

I search for the light
    A darkened tunnel appears
    An inkness from ceiling to floor
      A pinpointed star
       Seems light years away
        It’s promising shine
         Never getting closer

I search for the light
    A fragile flame appears
     A dancing and elegant flicker
      It’s somber swirl bows to the air
      Bending to wind or whisper
       It’s gentle waltz dips
        It’s beauty extinguished

I search for the light
    A solitary bulb hangs down
     The cracking of electricity
      Its fluorescent man made sun
       The snap and pop of the yellowed orb
        Swinging in triumphant arcs
         Blackens out the room

I cannot seem to find a place
In which I can belong
I cannot seem to escape this maze
A repeating loop of a mournful song

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


My smile was for you
Yet yours was for another
I gave you all I had
You still craved some other

My tears were for you
Yet no sorrow fell down your face
I cried myself to sleep
Only chalk to be erased

My heartache was for you
Yet you showed no love for me
I bled a thousand times
You didn’t care to see

My emptiness is full
It’s what is left behind
A broken sort of vessel
A broken sort of mind

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Myth

If you were the ocean
Or the turbulent sea
I would stand on the shores
Holding hands with Penelope

But you are not the ocean
And you are not the sea
While I stand on the cold shores
You do not come to me

If love was an arrow
And I was Daphne
I would run through the forest
Turning into a laurel tree

But love is not an arrow
And I am not Daphne
Escaping  Eros’ false love
You still don’t care to see

If you were a cracked wall
And I was on my knee
I would fall on my sword
United with sweet Thisbe

But you are not a cracked wall
Yet I am on my knee
I have fallen on my sharp blade
And we are still not meant to be

Monday, September 15, 2014

Japanese Clover

Like crossing at the stars
I stared at your vacancy
The empty place you sat
All the battle wounds and scars

My heart was turned over
To a thief among all men
A stifling of self
To a Japanese Clover

Like walking through a maze
I wandered alone; Adrift.
Looking for signs I knew
Questioned sanity and haze

The unsettled Rover
Tracked across the winding path
Suffocating a heart
Like a Japanese Clover

Monday, September 8, 2014


Though in a draught
Caught in a whirlpool
Of never ending doubt

Through a baffling cone
Not trying to hold
Just sinking like a stone

Through infinite space
Blackness and silence
That time cannot erase

Though standing up straight
Unable to love
But unable to hate

Through land and through time
An intimate stranger
And a heartbreaking crime

Friday, September 5, 2014

Something Anything Nothing

One day I dreamed of something
That I would be someone
That life would hand me cloudy days
And I would make the sun

One day I thought of something
A girl with hair so fine
A lady with blushed cheekbones
A strong and steady spine

One day I dreamed of anything
That life was an affair
That I could rise above the fold
And be beyond compare

One day I thought of anything
A lady with brown eyes
A woman with a mission
An indelible disguise

One day I dreamt of nothing
That this was all that seemed
That love was just an apple
A quick and fleeting dream

One day I thought of nothing
That what appeared was all
That I was just an empty shell
There was no higher call