Saturday, November 26, 2016

Election Day

Applause Applause
We finally have a President
With honesty and a cause


There's a man in the House
Who taunts and teases
His greatest achievement
Is second only to that of Jesus
First the Bible
Then The Art of the Deal
Nothing beats that
Unless you get a free book with every meal
Though he might not know his Corinthians
He's sure it deals with True Americans
Keep those dirty huddled masses
Yearning to be free
No Vacancies here
Unless I can grab your puss..bushy tree

Jesus was an immigrant
With no visa to stay
No right to be there
No ability to pay
Jesus should be rounded up
Based on your own definition
Kicked out
Thrown out
And sent back to his Mission
Better pack up JC
In the back of the van
Employ your circlejerks to show him
The only way they can
Off to the races
Stick close to the fences
(Did you steal those sandals
I have no doubt
Can't trust you people
Always sneaking around)

You shouldn't be poor, you know
(no more)
Don't come around here no more
(no more no more no more no more)

Walls are built to hold those out
Walls are built to hold those in
Does it really matter in the end
If the door swung out or in?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mind Ditty


I lost my mind 2 years ago
I haven't found it yet
I searched within the cupboards
I dug beneath the bed

It seems my mind is hiding
I can't seem to track it down
It wasn't such a brilliant mind
But I'm sad that it's left town