Monday, May 26, 2014

Brokedown Palace

Outlines of faces behind translucent shroud
Hinting of eyes and whispers of lips
Peak out from the gauzy sheet
Like covered screams or sinking ships.

Brokedown Palace is where we lay our head
Amidst the bitter ruins of better days
With the rubble of stars as our pathway
With the broken hearts the distant blaze.

Green tinged skies hide the grayness that still is
Showing the scars of the land and of the sea
Cloudless above but no sun shines here
An eternal life of manufactured purgatory

Searching for hope that could bring new joy
To many a mangled and fractured life
Grasping for vines and digging for roots
To remove oneself from this eternal strife


Friday, May 23, 2014


Her broken hearted sparrow
Is avoiding all defeat
She hasn’t seen tomorrow
She lays dying at your feet

While she might be laughing
Her heart is seeping sweet
Her broken hearted sparrow
Has fallen in the street

Her lovely Aphrodite
She knew her when she was well
Her broken hearted sparrow
Hamlet he did tell

Sunday, May 11, 2014

No One

My name is no one
We might have met before
While I was pining for you
You were headed out the door

My name is no one
I’m sure you don’t recall
I was the girl crying
As you headed down the hall

My name is no one
Don’t bother to retrace
My face is but a window
No reflection on your face

My name is no one
Shadow is where I live
You know not of the pain
That your indifference gives

My name is no one
I’m sure that you don’t see
You wander in the land above
While I stay in my darkened company

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Are there any words to express
The shunning by another
Are there enough tears to convey
What one does to the other

Can love go only sideways
And not come back around
Can love create a heaviness
That holds you to the ground

What keeps you in this darkened place
This cold and blackened room
What makes you stay and call it home
Like a enslaved soul within a tomb

Winds that whistle blow through your mind
Like a train about to depart
Winds that haunt your dreams and thoughts
Crushing your broken heart

You imagine that love will show its face
Though nothing has been suggested
You hold on to the walls, clinging to false hope
Your heart destroyed, completed, and bested