Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Left For the Shadow

Please tear my heart
Into tiny pieces
Rip it to shreds
So there’s no hope of repair

Melt down my soul
Into bits of metal
Cold and leaden
So there’s no chance of rebirth

Breakdown my trust
Into tarry rubble
Blackened and thick
So there’s no hope that remains

For if my love
Is left for the shadow
I ask you this
Leave nothing to recover

Friday, June 13, 2014


A cadaver with a heartbeat
A cold and lifeless hand
One used to stroke his gentle face
Lies dying in the sand

Sailing a ship of cellophane
And fragile broken hearts
The storm was quick and full of might
Limb from limb torn apart

What remains is but a casing
The soul was washed away
A psoriatic heart remains
Scaled. Hardened. Frayed.

A cadaver with a heartbeat
Is all that now is seen
An empty shell of what was here
And of what could have been

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Broken Keys

I just wanted to be happy
Feel the sunshine on my face
But every time I look upward
The clouds work to erase

I just wanted to have a smile
Feel as if there were no cares
But every time I look inward
There’s nothing living there

I just wanted to be loved
Feel as if I'm the one to hold
But every time I reach outward
Their heart turns hard and cold

I just wanted to hear the music
Feel as if the notes came with ease
But every time I reach forward
The piano had broken keys

I just wanted to feel something
Feel elation or feel the pain
But every time I look downward
There’s only scars and marks and stains

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Untitled June 4 2014

Love the sinner, hate the sin
Crimes committed, committed again

Truth hangs on a rusty nail
Hidden by hope, waiting to impale

Days pass on a tenuous thread
Bleeding heart, consumed by dread

Creating a world, nothing it lacks
Wishing affection, ignoring the facts

Aware of danger, asking for pain
Feeling the blood rush, seep from the vein

Crying the tears, that should not have fallen
Wishing return, the heart that’s been stolen